Dan Uggla Hit Streak Stopped

15 Aug

Dan Uggla of the Atlanta Braves had his hit streak stopped at 33 games and it was the longest hit streak in the majors in five years. The last guy to come close to breaking Joe Dimaggio’s 56 game hit streak record was a man by the name of Luis Castillo, who currently plays for the Twins. What a coincidence, both played second base for the Florida Marlins, it’s only right that a Florida second baseman breaks DiMaggio’s record.The day before, Uggla broke an Atlanta Braves record by hitting in 33 straight consecutive games, but too bad he couldn’t continue his stellar hit streak and surpass another record. He himself admitted that he did not know he was capable of hitting in 33 straight contests. He had a couple of chances in the game against the Cubs today, but could not record hit thanks to the nifty glove work of second baseman Darwin Barney. Uggla will forever remember Barney for stopping his hit streak, but more importantly; a world series title and a playoff is more important than a hit streak for Uggla or does is he really depressed by failing to extend his hit streak?


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