Mark Sanchez primed for another AFC Championship Run and More

16 Aug

Mark Sanchez was named as one of the five captains of the New York Jets for head coach Rex Ryan’s Gang Green. He’s 24 years old now and is ready to take the Jets to the next level provided he can lessen his interception percentage by a significant amount. He knows what it takes to get to the AFC Championship game, but he knows more effort must be put in if he wants to bring Gang Green and the Big Apple a superbowl title. Preseason will be a preview of the new look Jets with the addition of trouble wide receiver, Plaxico Burress. Everyone wants to see if this was the right move and will it be the upgrade they need over Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery? Derrick Mason will also have to prove himself and so will the rest of the Jets team if they ever want to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The time is now, and if the Jets don’t make it to the final stage or win the superbowl, then Rex Ryan might be on the outside looking in once the season ends.Mark Sanchez will be responsible for how far the Jets go and he has done exceptionally well in his first two years in guiding them one step away from the superbowl. Now that he is the captain of his team, can he deliver on Rex Ryan’s words and show the world that he is the savior the Jets have been looking for all along since Joe Namath? Or will he choke again when the game is on the line? The questions remained to be answered during the season, only time will tell. Tonight’s game against the Houston Texans will be the first order of business before the start of the start of the season.


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