Larry Fitzgerald inked with Cardinals for 8 more years? Did Arizona need to do this?

21 Aug

According to many reports and sources yesterday, Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald reportedly agreed to an 8-year $120 million dollar deal.The Cardinals felt obligated to retain their star receiver because they felt without him, their franchise would suffer not only in a decrease in fan support, but also would lack any offensive weapons especially since their running game is very weak and Steve Breaston is coming off a very bad year as a starter opposite Ftizgerald last season.This deal makes him the highest paid position player not playing quarterback and he agreed immediately as soon as the deal was proposed to him because he feels that new quarterback, Kevin Kolb is the answer to lead the Cardinals back to the promised land and Larry feels that Kolb has the potential to be a winner in this league like ex-Cardinal quarterback Kurt Warner was.The Cards have a lot of work to do in order to be the team they were two years ago, but signing number 11 is a start, but the other positions on the offensive side of the ball still remain in limbo and need to be upgraded in order to get the Cards back to where they were.


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