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John Wall wants to be a top notch player in the NBA

7 Sep

Washington Wizards point guard, John Wall has recently stated that he wants to be the best and thinks he can be the face of the Washington Wizards for years to come because he said it will be his responsibility to lead his team to the NBA Finals one day and it all starts with him. The young 21 year old point guard was one of only three point guards in the NBA to average at least 16 points per game along with 8 assists per game, but his turnover ratio per game is what has slowed his progress to take his game to the next level. He believes he had  decent rookie campaign but could have been better and he expected better of himself because he was the overall # 1 draft pick in 2010 and believes that this coming year he will be much better. He says if he blames a mediocre season on injuries he’s just making excuses and knows no matter what it takes to be among the elite players in the league, he will have to start being a better player and leader for this young Wizard team. He did it at Kentucky  under coach John Calipari and now his ex-coach believes his time is now. He knows what it takes to play at the pro level and for many, they would have considered Wall’s rookie season as a success, but he’s hungry for more. He knows it takes hard work, dedication and trust to win at the pro level. He likes what he sees in Washington and believes they have what it takes to get to the playoffs.

Wall ready to take his game to the next level


College Football is back, is Ohio State still good enough to compete for the BCS Championship despite last year’s turmoil?

1 Sep

With the lost of ex-Buckeye quarterback, Terelle Pryor and head coach Jim Tressel, where does Ohio State expect to stack up against the nation’s other powerhouses? As of right now I’m not so sure without those two and the other six suspended players that the Buckeyes can even make some noise this year, but the season kicks off this weekend and only time will tell.

Pryor and Tressel during a game at Ohio State

Arsenal seems to be feeling a sense of urgency

31 Aug

If Arsenal’s loss to Manchester United wasn’t a wake up call, it sure is now as the club has been all over the headlines today and have been rumored to also be in the running to acquire Inter Milan‘s midfielder, Wesley Sneijder. They also have been after Fulham’s midfielder Clint Dempsey as the club is searching for valuable players to help them contend in the Barclays Premier League this season. Dempsey has been Fulham’s most valuable player since he made the transition from the MLS to the English side in 2007 and some sources say the deal is close to being done within the next two days. The price for the American goal scorer is not too high for Arsenal, but if it does rise any higher then they may not make the deal for Dempsey. Dempsey has also stated that he is looking forward to playing the Champions League one day and has a knack for scoring goals as he netted 12 last season in the premier league. If Dempsey does move over to Arsenal, expect Fulham to try and quickly replace him with FC Twente’s Bryan Ruiz if the deal is complete, but for now Fulham will cherish every moment it has with Dempsey on its side.

American Clint Dempsey celebrating a goal in June in the Gold Cup

Dutchman Wesley Sneijder possibly moving to Manchester United soon?

31 Aug

Former 2010 Fifa player of the year, Wesley Sneijder has remained in doubt throughout the whole summer that a move to the English side can happen, but admits that while the transfer window is open, anything can happen. There were also rumors of him moving to Real Madrid to play for his former coach at Inter Milan, Jose Mourinho, but those rumors were put to rest within the span of eight hours. Since former teammate, Samuel Eto’o is now gone, Sneijder believes it’s his turn to shine once again and also carry this team on his back like he did a year ago. He also believes the club decided to either sell him or Eto’o, and they chose the younger midfielder over the aging striker, but then again Sneijder would welcome a deal that put him in Old Trafford. He does admit that if he is moved elsewhere before the transfer window closes, he will be truly shocked, but would embrace the move if he dons a United uniform as he complete their championship formula to capture the league title and the Champions League title.

Sneijder playing for the Dutch in 2006

Jets have bragging rights for now until Christmas Eve Game vs. Giants

30 Aug

Sanchez and Manning after last night's game having a few laughs together

The New York Giants and the New York Jets played last night in the New Meadowlands Stadium now renamed the MetLife Stadium in their annual preseason game. However, it did not turn out well for both offenses on either side as their play was sloppy with Eli Manning of the Giants throwing two interceptions and Mark Sanchez being inconsistent. The reason why the Jets won the game was because of their defense and special teams, which they pride themselves on so much, but the key factor is Mark Sanchez’s poise throughout the game. He knew he wasn’t playing well neither was his offense, but staying poised and making plays is all that mattered because sooner or later the big play was going to come; indeed it did when he found Santonio Holmes for the touchdown that put the Jets up for good.Eli knows the Giants have many things to work on if they want to be a title contender, but he’s mostly worried about his receivers running good routes because they have cost him a huge number of interceptions since the 2009 season.The ground game for the Giants was average, but the Jets have reason to worry because their running game is sub-par than what we’re use to seeing ,but both teams have time before their openers to brush up on plays, but for now, the Jets are the kings of New York, until Christmas Eve.

Vick, Super-Eagles win vs. Browns

26 Aug

Vick regained slight form last night

Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles rebounded after last week’s abysmal showing in Pittsburgh with a drubbing of the Cleveland Browns last night by leading the Eagles to three scoring drives. Vick used his legs this time and rushed for about 24 yards, including one for a touchdown, which put the Eagles up 17-0 in the second quarter. He threw the ball exceptionally well by completing 10 of 18 passes for about 98 yards, but did not throw any balls in the Eagles star wide receiver, DeSean Jackson who was frustrated the whole night because he finished the game without a reception. He did not take risks by throwing the ball deep downfield after last week’s poor results from that. Vick was frustrated last week so in the game last night against the Browns, he decided to play it safe and throw the ball underneath for short completions instead of long completions. His backup Vince Young did very well and led the Eagles to their last scoring drive, which put them up 24-0 in the third quarter. On the other hand, Colt McCoy of the Browns did not look like himself and often seemed rattled by the Philadelphia defense who showed up to play last night as opposed to the week before. Asante Samuel made a pick last night, but Nnmadi Asomugha was a no show once again, which is disappointing so far since that is their biggest off-season acquisition. It will take time for the Eagles to get things together, but they have enough time to prepare for Week 1 and get everyone riding the right ship.

A-Rod hurting, but Yankees cruising

22 Aug

Alex Rodriguez returned last night to the New York Yankee lineup after being out for 38 games this year, but can he get back to form in time for the postseason? This remains to be seen because A-Rod’s health has been a major concern for the Yankees moving forward into the postseason because they would like to use Eduardo Nunez as the backup shortstop for Derek Jeter, but with A-Rod hurting, things are going to change. Thankfully for the Yankees, they did not need Rodriguez’s bat last night because Ivan Nova pitched an excellent game by going 7 plus innings, and the other Yankees chipped in last night for the win. Dating back to the 2009 postseason run, Alex Rodriguez was the big reason why the New York Yankees went on to win their 27th world series title, but he was healthy and he carried the load most of the way with significant help from 2009 World Series MVP, Hideki Matsui, Derek Jeter and current Tampa Bay Ray, Johnny Damon. This year more than ever, the Yankees need Rodriguez healthy and ready to play because those two guys I mentioned are now gone and with players like Russell Martin, Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher in the lineup, the Yankees have questions to answer in their batting lineup as well as their pitching order, but getting A-Rod back to form is the first thing on the Yankees list.