Pics from last night’s Pro-Am Game in DC

21 Aug

Wall, Banks

John Wall drives past NBA veteran Marcus Banks in last night's Pro-Am summer league gameDemarcus Cousins grabbing a rebound in last night's gameKevin Durant drives past Oklahoma City Thunder teammate James Harden in Goodman League's victory last night in DC


Larry Fitzgerald inked with Cardinals for 8 more years? Did Arizona need to do this?

21 Aug

According to many reports and sources yesterday, Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald reportedly agreed to an 8-year $120 million dollar deal.The Cardinals felt obligated to retain their star receiver because they felt without him, their franchise would suffer not only in a decrease in fan support, but also would lack any offensive weapons especially since their running game is very weak and Steve Breaston is coming off a very bad year as a starter opposite Ftizgerald last season.This deal makes him the highest paid position player not playing quarterback and he agreed immediately as soon as the deal was proposed to him because he feels that new quarterback, Kevin Kolb is the answer to lead the Cardinals back to the promised land and Larry feels that Kolb has the potential to be a winner in this league like ex-Cardinal quarterback Kurt Warner was.The Cards have a lot of work to do in order to be the team they were two years ago, but signing number 11 is a start, but the other positions on the offensive side of the ball still remain in limbo and need to be upgraded in order to get the Cards back to where they were.

Locked Out NBA Stars Durant, Wall tearing it up in the Pro-am league

21 Aug

NBA stars Kevin Durant and John Wall teamed up with the DC Goodman League All-Stars last night to take on the Drew League Stars from California in a thrilling exhibition game, that ended up with a one point victory margin for the Goodman League side. The final score was 135-134, Kevin Durant was the player of the game because his two free throws sealed his team’s one point victory and viscous block on Oklahoma City Thunder teammate, James Harden saved the day. James Harden chipped in 28 points for the Drew League, while Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks led the Drew League with 34 points while playing against John Wall of the Washington Wizards, who helped Durant out with 28 points and some amazing assists. Wall claimed that playing with Durant was a thing of beauty because finding assists while playing with the NBA’s scoring champion, is easier than ever. These guys love playing basketball and hope the labor situation can be resolved just in time for the season. Last night’s exhibition game was not a disappointment once again as the players took the game very seriously and played their hearts out, but some expressed frustration towards the labor situation like Wall, who says its about playing the game I love, not about money. The Goodman league and the Drew league also had other notable NBA players playing in the game like DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings and NBA veteran Marcus Banks, but we know when the season starts or if there’s even a season, Durant and Wall will be extremely lethal and ready to play.

Mark Sanchez primed for another AFC Championship Run and More

16 Aug

Mark Sanchez was named as one of the five captains of the New York Jets for head coach Rex Ryan’s Gang Green. He’s 24 years old now and is ready to take the Jets to the next level provided he can lessen his interception percentage by a significant amount. He knows what it takes to get to the AFC Championship game, but he knows more effort must be put in if he wants to bring Gang Green and the Big Apple a superbowl title. Preseason will be a preview of the new look Jets with the addition of trouble wide receiver, Plaxico Burress. Everyone wants to see if this was the right move and will it be the upgrade they need over Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery? Derrick Mason will also have to prove himself and so will the rest of the Jets team if they ever want to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The time is now, and if the Jets don’t make it to the final stage or win the superbowl, then Rex Ryan might be on the outside looking in once the season ends.Mark Sanchez will be responsible for how far the Jets go and he has done exceptionally well in his first two years in guiding them one step away from the superbowl. Now that he is the captain of his team, can he deliver on Rex Ryan’s words and show the world that he is the savior the Jets have been looking for all along since Joe Namath? Or will he choke again when the game is on the line? The questions remained to be answered during the season, only time will tell. Tonight’s game against the Houston Texans will be the first order of business before the start of the start of the season.

Dan Uggla Hit Streak Stopped

15 Aug

Dan Uggla of the Atlanta Braves had his hit streak stopped at 33 games and it was the longest hit streak in the majors in five years. The last guy to come close to breaking Joe Dimaggio’s 56 game hit streak record was a man by the name of Luis Castillo, who currently plays for the Twins. What a coincidence, both played second base for the Florida Marlins, it’s only right that a Florida second baseman breaks DiMaggio’s record.The day before, Uggla broke an Atlanta Braves record by hitting in 33 straight consecutive games, but too bad he couldn’t continue his stellar hit streak and surpass another record. He himself admitted that he did not know he was capable of hitting in 33 straight contests. He had a couple of chances in the game against the Cubs today, but could not record hit thanks to the nifty glove work of second baseman Darwin Barney. Uggla will forever remember Barney for stopping his hit streak, but more importantly; a world series title and a playoff is more important than a hit streak for Uggla or does is he really depressed by failing to extend his hit streak?

Giants first preseason game a debacle

14 Aug

The New York Giants visited the Carolina Panthers today to take on a team that placed last in the NFC with the highly touted rookie quarterback, Cam Newton. All eyes were on the heisman trophy winner, Cam Newton who had a sub par performance in his debut for the Carolina Panthers. He went 8 for 19 and threw for 134 yards in the game, but showed signs of promise throughout his first two drives to the red zone, which produce a pair of field-goals. On the other hand, Eli Manning of the New York Giants seemed a bit shaky and failed to produce any points in the five series he played during the game. The panthers look like they’re headed in the right direction, while the giants are still trying to figure out their identity, but is it too early to predict that the giants seem headed for disaster once again and this time, Tom Coughlin could be on his way out? Luckily, for giants’ fans it’s only preseason and they still have time to figure out a winning formula that will work.

Super Eagles?

10 Aug

The Philadelphia Eagles are now the favorites to win the 2011 Superbowl after acquiring Nnmadi Asomugha. All of sudden, the Eagles are looking like the Miami Heat of the NFL and all eyes are on them now. No one wants them to win the title because they have a star studded cast to behind their leader, Michael Vick. Wasn’t it just two years ago when Michael Vick was the backup quarterback for then Eagle quarterback, Donovan McNabb? Well two years later, he’s now the man in charge of this Eagle charge to the superbowl and it would be even sweeter if he could snag the superbowl title after his tumultous fallout in 2007 ¬†after the alleged dogfighting scandal. The eagles hope that by getting rid of McNabb last year and Kevin Kolb this year, that Vick can lead them to the promised land with the most dangerous offensive weapons in the game in DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy. The defense looks even more stellar with the deepest secondary in the NFL, any quarterback throwing in the direction of Nnmadi Asomugha, Asante Samuel Or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will have their eyes filled with fear because that is definitely a quarterback’s worst nightmare. The Jets are very upset because the eagles snatched their prized free agent and now it’ll be ironic if those two teams met in the superbowl, but the chances of that happening are unlikely since the Jets are little bit weaker than they were a year ago in the AFC Championship run against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Question is, are the Philadelphia Eagles ready to abide by Andy Reid’s promise to win a superbowl for the city of Brotherly Love or will it be another playoff flameout once again? I know for sure that if the eagles don’t win, Andy Reid’s job will be on the line and a year from now he’ll be asking himself ” What happened?” It’s now or never for Philadelphia!