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John Wall wants to be a top notch player in the NBA

7 Sep

Washington Wizards point guard, John Wall has recently stated that he wants to be the best and thinks he can be the face of the Washington Wizards for years to come because he said it will be his responsibility to lead his team to the NBA Finals one day and it all starts with him. The young 21 year old point guard was one of only three point guards in the NBA to average at least 16 points per game along with 8 assists per game, but his turnover ratio per game is what has slowed his progress to take his game to the next level. He believes he had  decent rookie campaign but could have been better and he expected better of himself because he was the overall # 1 draft pick in 2010 and believes that this coming year he will be much better. He says if he blames a mediocre season on injuries he’s just making excuses and knows no matter what it takes to be among the elite players in the league, he will have to start being a better player and leader for this young Wizard team. He did it at Kentucky  under coach John Calipari and now his ex-coach believes his time is now. He knows what it takes to play at the pro level and for many, they would have considered Wall’s rookie season as a success, but he’s hungry for more. He knows it takes hard work, dedication and trust to win at the pro level. He likes what he sees in Washington and believes they have what it takes to get to the playoffs.

Wall ready to take his game to the next level