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Jets have bragging rights for now until Christmas Eve Game vs. Giants

30 Aug

Sanchez and Manning after last night's game having a few laughs together

The New York Giants and the New York Jets played last night in the New Meadowlands Stadium now renamed the MetLife Stadium in their annual preseason game. However, it did not turn out well for both offenses on either side as their play was sloppy with Eli Manning of the Giants throwing two interceptions and Mark Sanchez being inconsistent. The reason why the Jets won the game was because of their defense and special teams, which they pride themselves on so much, but the key factor is Mark Sanchez’s poise throughout the game. He knew he wasn’t playing well neither was his offense, but staying poised and making plays is all that mattered because sooner or later the big play was going to come; indeed it did when he found Santonio Holmes for the touchdown that put the Jets up for good.Eli knows the Giants have many things to work on if they want to be a title contender, but he’s mostly worried about his receivers running good routes because they have cost him a huge number of interceptions since the 2009 season.The ground game for the Giants was average, but the Jets have reason to worry because their running game is sub-par than what we’re use to seeing ,but both teams have time before their openers to brush up on plays, but for now, the Jets are the kings of New York, until Christmas Eve.