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Arsenal seems to be feeling a sense of urgency

31 Aug

If Arsenal’s loss to Manchester United wasn’t a wake up call, it sure is now as the club has been all over the headlines today and have been rumored to also be in the running to acquire Inter Milan‘s midfielder, Wesley Sneijder. They also have been after Fulham’s midfielder Clint Dempsey as the club is searching for valuable players to help them contend in the Barclays Premier League this season. Dempsey has been Fulham’s most valuable player since he made the transition from the MLS to the English side in 2007 and some sources say the deal is close to being done within the next two days. The price for the American goal scorer is not too high for Arsenal, but if it does rise any higher then they may not make the deal for Dempsey. Dempsey has also stated that he is looking forward to playing the Champions League one day and has a knack for scoring goals as he netted 12 last season in the premier league. If Dempsey does move over to Arsenal, expect Fulham to try and quickly replace him with FC Twente’s Bryan Ruiz if the deal is complete, but for now Fulham will cherish every moment it has with Dempsey on its side.

American Clint Dempsey celebrating a goal in June in the Gold Cup